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Compliance with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) can be confusing, and there seem to be endless resources dedicated to explanations of what the CMMC is rather than how to achieve compliance. This guide, in the form of a 5 part interview series, is your how-to from the perspective of a practitioner. Hear from a cybersecurity expert who has worked for major defense contractors implementing control frameworks and spent the last decade auditing against those same frameworks.

Compliance with CMMC represents the marriage between understanding compliance and maturity levels and the practical reality of implementing those requirements in an operational environment. This interview series aligns those sometimes opposing perspectives – compliance and operations – in a way that is actionable and practical.

During the five interviews, learn how to turn concepts into actions, including: 

  • Assessment – identifying the four main pillars of an assessment
  • SSP – dangers of using an SSP template
  • POA&M – best practices for executing POA&Ms
  • Implementation – how to prioritize implementation of CMMC requirements
  • Maintaining compliance – challenges and benefits of maintaining compliance after initial certification

CMMC is here – start your journey to compliance today by downloading our 5 part interview series to get a practitioner's perspective on where to start, what to expect, as well as the challenges and benefits that come with readying your organization for certification.   


Eric Noonan

CEO, CyberSheath Services International, LLC

A respected cybersecurity expert having testified before the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities and served on the Council on Cyber Security expert panel to review and update the Critical Security Controls.

Prior to founding CyberSheath, Eric was the Global Chief Information Security Officer for BAE Systems plc, based in London. Concurrently Eric served as Vice President and General Manager of North American IT operations, overseeing engineering, architecture, and IT operations support for approximately 39,000 employees.

Casey Lang

Principal Consultant and Assessment Lead, CyberSheath Services International, LLC

Casey has over ten years of experience in cybersecurity, business resilience, and information technology from various roles in industries such as defense, healthcare, and retail. He has expertise in security program development and assessment, and has extensive experience in strategically planning security and business continuity programs based upon internationally recognized standards of practice from NIST, ISO, FISMA, and the PCI-SSC.

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